BBPeopleMeet Review

Do you consider yourself big and beautiful? Then you here. Today in this article the big and beautiful will get to know and build love. On the agenda BBPeopleMeet- a platform that connects great hearts. Let’s figure out what this service can offer you? review

About BBPeopleMeet

BBPeopleMeet- for 18 years it has successfully coped with its task – it creates couples that in real life are unlikely to have ever met. As you already understood, we are talking about a dating agency that specializes in large build people. In the dating market, you are unlikely to find an analog, because usually, the emphasis is on girls and men of model appearance. If you are looking to build long-term relationships and want to start a family, here you will find many like-minded people. Even though the agency’s feature is very specific, there are about 500,000 users in the database.

Easy to Use

Most registered users, both men, and women are family-oriented. The age category varies from 30 years and more. I believe that people of this age are already with serious intentions who want to find their future wife or husband. The participants are diverse in composition, that is, you have the opportunity to start communication with someone from another continent, for example. The ratio of men and women is approximately the same (53 to 47 percent).

But one thing unites all of them – they are all big and beautiful.


Because the design and navigation of the site are very simplified, you should not have any problems with registration. To create a personal profile, you should fill out a simple form, which includes the name, gender, gender of the person you are looking for, geolocation and email address. I guess that you have had to deal with this more than once, this is the basic registration form on all social sites. By clicking on the link that you will receive by e-mail you will confirm your account and you will be able to begin the full creation of a profile.

You can fill your page with such components as height, weight, hair or eye color, preferences in choosing a partner, hobbies and interests, rhythm of life, religious beliefs. All these data will be displayed in your profile. Moreover, you are allowed to add about 30 photos, by this action you can also indicate your habits and interests. If you want to remain a black horse, you have a right to it, but you must understand that then your chances are slightly reduced.

Search Process reviews

Two ways you can use as a member of, they include:

Matching System

This method is based only on the selection of the most optimal option for you, based on your answers about the ideal partner. It can be either very convenient or completely inefficient. Therefore, there is another way to get to know the participants.

Filtered Search

This implies a very thorough search for a partner. You set the parameters that most satisfy you and get the result, one hundred percent hit! You can describe everything to the smallest detail if you already have a perfect picture in your head.

Also you can view visitors to your page, these are people who may be interested in you. Here you can show courage and show sympathy.

Profile Quality

Most profiles look very full and vibrant. Photos and user information are in the public domain.  If you figured out everything written above and are ready to show sympathy, you have several options. You can show virtual sympathy in the form of a symbol that is displayed by the opponent in the notifications. Or by marking a user with an asterisk, you add him or her to your favorites.

One important point is that your profile must pass a mandatory review before being displayed on the site. This is necessary to prevent the emergence of fraudulent accounts.

You can also receive messages from other users, but you can view and send in response only if you subscribe. Information exchange also includes video and audio calls. These services are available for a fee.

You probably have personal information that should not go beyond. In the conditions of the site’s confidentiality, it is stated that your account is securely protected. These provisions can be found on the website.

Safety & Customer Support Service

As mentioned above, the site administration guarantees your privacy and reliability. For all questions regarding the authenticity of profiles, you can contact customer support. If you have crept in any doubts about any user, you can solve them by filling out the form. Your request will be answered as soon as possible because the service is around the clock. Your account is also previewed by managers to avoid fraud.

How Much Does It Cost? site review

Unlike many other marriage agencies, Bbpeoplemeet offers you a mobile and computer application. You can download it for free from Google Play or iTunes Store. However, you will have to subscribe later if you want to enjoy all the privileges of the website.

It will cost you the following money:

  • 1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD -Full Price
  • 6 Months 5.96 USD / Month     35.76 USD -Standard
  • 6 Months 7.00 USD / Month   42.00 USD-Best Value Plan

As you can notice, by subscribing for 6 months immediately you save significantly. Having paid, you can allow yourself unlimited communication, a detailed search, watching videos and photos, and communicating audio or video messages. A quite common practice of a real meeting. If people have been in contact for a long time, they can arrange a date. The agency provides separate services for this occasion.

Your subscription to the application is updated every month on the same day. You will receive a notification that funds have been debited from your account for the services. site

If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do this in the settings of your gadget. In this case, the site will refund your money if it was paid months in advance.  Payment is debited from your credit card whether it is a Mastercard, Visa or any other.


According to all of the above, we can conclude that is a chance for large and beautiful singles. Good enough conditions are created for you to find your love. Based on the review, we can judge it as a reliable source that provides quality service. However, you probably noticed that without a paid subscription you are not capable of much. Management does not provide at least a trial period to understand whether this is your road.

The website is aimed at a certain circle of people and by registering you know what to expect.

An extensive client base makes the agency very attractive, as there is a high probability that you can find your soul mate.
Usually, big people are confused and disliked by others and it can be very difficult for someone to find a person to your liking. Unfortunately, few such services will allow you to fall in love and feel at ease.

Bottom Line

Perhaps today you have discovered something new that will allow you to change your life for the better. Most importantly remember that it is never too late.