BravoDate Review

As soon as you first visit BravoDate, you immediately understand that this is a modern international dating platform. BravoDate service has been operating in the dating services industry for several years now and has established itself as a dating site capable of uniting the hearts of single men and women living in different countries. The modern world dictates new rules to us, so now aging alone is not fashionable. There are many lonely people in the world ready for new acquaintances and meetings, and BravoDate is ready to help them in this.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface
  • Large geographical coverage
  • Free speedy registration
  • Affordable prices
  • Real meeting service available
  • Effective security system


Poor support for African regions and Muslim countries.
There are no free credits at registration.
Lack of monthly fee.

About BravoDate

You’ll think what acquaintances can I make at my age? At 50, life is just beginning, the children have already grown up and you can live for yourself. So anything is possible. And BravoDate will help such people find all happiness regardless of age. In BravoDate, it will provide women with special services, the help of a professional makeup artist and photographer. Believe me, this will inspire you and engender a confidence in your abilities. You will feel like a beautiful, stylish and confident woman. Men, seeing your vibrant and energetic photos that are not edited in Photoshop, will not be able to resist you!

BravoDate has a convenient platform interface, so you can meet, communicate, and even meet in real life. Do not worry about security and confidentiality because BravoDate technical experts do their job well.

BravoDate Site Review


How do you start communication with a potential groom? Very simple. Your first step is to create an account in BravoDate. To do this, do some simple things.

To register, you will need to fill out several windows on the main page – name, email address, the password for the site.
The site will send a confirmation email to your mailbox. Follow the link showed there, enter the password and start using your personal profile on Bravodate.
Halfway passed, there is still a bit. Fill out the form about yourself. Do not skip this step. Do this carefully, because it interests any man or woman to learn about your personality as much as possible. And the profile is what you need. Describe yourself, your tastes and passions, add some free photos, set your favorite photo on the avatar. People by nature, prefer to communicate with open people who have no secrets.

When registering, each new female account is checked by the BravoDate security service, so we recommend filling out the questionnaire and setting only your personal photos. If the photo on the avatar is not a real person, the profile will be considered fraudulent or fake.

Search and Profile Quality

It’s time to explain to you how to search for profiles on the BravoDate website. In fact, there is nothing complicated. Use the filter at the top of the page. All that is needed is to fill in the criteria for the interlocutor. For example, age, country of residence, education, appearance parameters, presence of bad habits, knowledge of the language, presence of children, etc., This will help you narrow your search. Based on these indicators, the robot will be able to pick up several women and show a list of previews on several pages of the site. Of course, you can look for a lady of the heart yourself. For this, just browse the profiles. Such a procedure takes longer, but you will be completely sure that you have not missed anything important.

An important advantage of the BravoDate service is the quality of its work, as well as of each profile presented on this site. You can be sure that for every beautiful photograph, you will find a real person, not a robot whose goal is to get you money. When registering, the security service carefully checks all female profiles, publications, documents, etc. A special program checks the profiles and information indicated therefor stop words that may be fraudulent or even terrorist. If you have any doubts, the profile of such a person will be blocked, and if doubts are confirmed, the user profile will be deleted.

BravoDate Search

Easy to Use

We believe that you have already tried using the BravoDate dating site, and made sure that it is quite simple. The BravoDate interface is designed wonderfully, and it is not overloaded with unnecessary information. The design is selected in such a way that its light colors and shades do not strain eyesight during use. The site has special tabs with useful tips on using the site. You can also find the FAQ section (frequently asked questions). And the BravoDate user reviews page encourages you not to be shy, take the first steps in communication and build your personal life the way you want it to.

We already mentioned that the robot selects candidates suitable for you, based on the criteria that you specify. At the same time, 6 or 9 candidate accounts are displayed on the page. Avatars are small in size, but they can be easily increased and the appearance of a person can be considered. On the preview, you will be given the opportunity to see the age of the candidate, country of residence, activity on the site, rating (if any) and the number of photos uploaded. There are also buttons for quick access to the messenger; with their help you can write to a potential interlocutor or make a video call. These services are paid, so you can use them only if you have a sufficient number of loans in the account.


Experienced users know that one of the most common problems on sites like is spam. The BravoDate team of technical specialists made every effort and developed a special filter that the server is equipped with. This filter blocks malware, various viruses, annoying ads, and other things.

At, new female accounts are subject of verification. As well as that, the team frequently checks already existing profiles, photos, videos or any other documents uploaded to your account. All this is thoroughly tested by the site’s experts. You should understand that this happens unnoticed for you during the hours with the least load on the site, but checks of this kind exist and are regular.

Be careful! In case of detection of suspicious activity of any profile, unusual messages from suspicious people, do not waste time and contact technical support. To do this, use the special feedback form on BravoDate, and specialists will surely respond to your request.

BravoDate Women


It’s time to talk about the financial side of the issue. There are free features, such as uploading photos, but for the full use of the site, you must have a positive balance in your account. How to achieve this? Use your credit card. With it, you can purchase loans at the rates of the BravoDate website. Credits are sold in “packages”. Why is it convenient and profitable? Performing just one transaction, you immediately receive a lot of means of payment, and the more loans in the “package”, the cheaper each of them. The benefit is obvious!

50 credits for $ 28.99 or discount price of $ 19.99 (this can only be purchased 3 times)
125 credits for $ 64.99 or discount price of $ 49.99
250 credits for $ 99.99 or discount price of $ 69.99
750 credits for $ 214.99 or discount price of $ 149.99

On the site, in your personal account, you can monitor and track the movement of your personal funds, the amount of currency spent by you, as well as the time when this happened, the number of loans used and any other statistics. If you are wary of using a bank card, you can make a purchase of loans using special terminals located in public places.

Please note that on the site, you can find a price list for additional services. It is constantly updated, so you can not worry that the information is not reliable. Prices for certain services may change and vary, and it depends on many factors, be prepared for this. Translation services are stable. Consider all these nuances before placing an order.

BravoDate Ladies


Be prepared for the fact that using BravoDate site you will not immediately find a person with whom you can marry, because this is not a matter of one minute. But to find a suitable woman, to build strong communication with her on trust, as well as a love relationship, is quite possible! Just try using BravoDate and you will see positive changes in your life! BravoDate is happy to help you with this! We are sure that you have every chance to find your soul mate using the services of BravoDate! Do not waste your time, go to the platform and meet some new people!