EliteSingles Review

Even if in your life you have not had to deal with a huge number of dating sites, you have probably heard of them. These sites are aimed at picking up your soul mate and make a happy couple. Today my review about Elite Singles- one of the most famous dating sites, or how they call themselves a “place for true connoisseurs.” Its peculiarity is that the work is built on a matching system of preferences. Well, let’s look behind the screen.

elitesingles.com review

How To Use

If we talk about the interface, it is quite simple to operate. Front-end and back-end developers did their best to make the site management very user-friendly.


The registration process is a little delayed, for the reason that to create a profile you will need to fill out a form. You will face a survey of 200 questions to determine the identity. The test is quite time-consuming as for me, so be prepared to spend part of your time to ponder and mark the correct answers that characterize you best. Questions include a diverse spectrum, ranging from age, height, and weight to evaluating your communicative ability, complexes, and attractiveness. That causes complexity because not everyone can evaluate themselves competently.

After going through such a detailed questionnaire, you will be given a “picture of your personality.” For someone it can be informative, why not?

However, note that primary responses cannot be corrected. I consider this a clear flaw. Therefore, if you dare to fill out a questionnaire, I recommend that you adjust all your attention to the accuracy of your answers. Another innovation that you most likely will not find on other dating sites is that you have the opportunity to post answers to a dozen questions in your profile so that others can view this information. A good option to demonstrate ingenuity.

Profile Quality

High-quality filling of the profile almost guarantees you the selection of the closest partner. After completing registration, you will be redirected to your new account. Your sight will include areas such as chats and matches.

Based on the selection system, several profiles of applicants will be opened in front of you, which you can view. In addition to this, the resource offers such a cupid game. Its essence lies in the fact that clicking on the sign of a bow and arrow gives you randomly 20 profiles of potential partners to whom you can immediately show sympathy. Forms of expressing interest are very simple, for example, you can wave, send a smile or add to your favorites.


The platform does not provide you with free navigation on the site, considering all kinds of profiles, but the search includes the following components:

Absolute hit or matching (every day you are provided with several partners who, based on your questionnaire, are most likely to suit you; the site even shows you a percentage of your common interests and qualities).

Visitors (all those who once visited your profile for some reason are displayed to you; most likely someone is very interested in your personality).

A function called “possible”. (this opportunity broadens your chances a little if you are not sure what you really want; these possible candidates do not fit in all respects, but here you can meet your ideal, which is a couple of years younger or older than your specified criteria).

In general, a similar search engine works both for you and against you. To some extent, you are freed from the tedious search process, because the program did everything for you, but on the other hand, you seem to have limited opportunities. I call it two sides of the same coin.

elitesingles.com reviews


Like any other platform for online dating, EliteSingles.com takes a certain amount of money in order to improve and develop further. The only opportunity that is provided to you for free is the viewing of profiles.

In order to become a member of the agency you need to deposit the following amount of money (monthly subscription):

  • 12 month- $57.95/mo;
  • 6 month- $44.95/mo;
  • 3 month- $31.95/mo.

All transactions will be displayed in your account.

Particular Qualities

  • Extensive registration base. The project recorded a fairly high activity of users, both men, and women.
  • Support homosexual. One of the few sites that support this trend, if you have extravagant tastes, you can try it yourself.
  • The agency boasts of its highly educated participants.
  • According to statistics, about 90 percent of registered users have higher education.
  • The age category varies mainly from 30 years. Detailed analysis of your personality.
  • Based on the selection, you will be presented with the most suitable choices.
  • Every day you have new options thanks to the selection system.
  • The premium account allows you 20 extra matches per day.
  • A cupid game that randomly can choose a partner for you.
  • You can see the guests’ page. Site tips.
  • In order to help you and improve your profile, the site will sometimes give you tips that can change your account to the best and make it more attractive.
  • Instant greeting. If you noticed an attractive user, you can safely send him or her a “smile.”

Customer Support

Managers approached the issue of customer support quite seriously. During the initial viewing of the site, you will immediately notice the huge content of articles and a psychological review on a particular topic.

This approach was done by developers and cannot be underestimated because it helps to understand the moments of building a relationship and starting communication for those who are new in this area.
Because the site operates within 25 countries, user support team agents offer their services around the clock. So if you have any kind of problem, fill out the form and wait for feedback, they will contact you as soon as possible.

Fraud Protection

How to avoid falling prey to fraudsters and scams?EliteSingles.com excludes this possibility. To begin with, the resource assures you that all users are carefully checked by the agents for their authenticity. That is, you basically cannot find an unverified user on the site, because this condition is mandatory.

Your data, for example, such as a bank card number, is encrypted with a special system that does not allow outsiders to shed light on it. Also, special coding records the number of registered users, which can be potentially dangerous. If their accounts do not pass verification for a real user, they are immediately removed from the site.

elitesingles.com dating site

Whatever it was, I dare to warn you that if someone requires personal data or money from you, refuse and hand over the fraudster to the support service.


All things considered, EliteSingles may turn out to be a lifeline for those who have long been in search of a soul mate. But it has its advantages and disadvantages. At the expense of pluses, I would mainly attribute the fact that the site is focused on “smart” people. It means that by registering here you presume in advance that you will meet a person with whom you will have something to talk about. Also, a good indicator is that the coefficient of registered users increases every month, which means the following – the site helps to achieve your final goal – to find a soul mate.

But in order to achieve an amazing result, you have to work hard.

Firstly, not every person can handle a questionnaire of 200 items. Repetitive and fairly deep questions can at least bore you, or at the very least, bring you out of a state of mental balance.

Secondly, compulsory paid subscription. If you refuse to deposit any amount of money, it makes no sense to stay on the site. Exchange of information, full communication, selection of matches – all this is done for payment. Thirdly, the selection system fetters you within. If you are in a very floating search and are ready to consider different options, then perhaps this method is not quite suitable for you.

In conclusion, I want to note that it all depends on you. As experience shows, situations happen differently. Someone was able to catch his bluebird of happiness, testing fate, someone not.
Until you try, you won’t know!