Today I bring to your attention one of the most modern dating sites, I would say a kind of newcomer to the huge field of dating – As it’s not difficult to guess, the goal set by the agency is acquaintance, which in the future can grow into something more. What is interesting is that the site provides an opportunity to meet those who are quite serious-minded, as well as those who would like to just have a good time and flirting. Whether it is true or not, we will analyze in this review. Review

Signing Up

In order to register on the site, you need 3 minutes and knowledge of basic information about yourself. Requirements for the registered user are minimized to impossibility. All you need to specify is the name, your gender, and the gender of the person you are looking for.

A prerequisite will be to indicate the email address because you will receive a confirmation letter to it. Having activated the profile via email, you must create a password, I guess there will be no difficulties with this. You can supplement your newly made profile with your photos, as well as indicate the geographic position and age. That’s all, you are ready to conquer!

Profile Quality

The platform is filled with very diverse personalities. Ranging from nationality to age and intentions, everyone should find a partner to taste. covers the whole planet, so the percentage that you can meet someone from another corner of the earth is so fast. Wide age category – from 20 to 70 years. However, be on the lookout, for you will surely stumble upon fake profiles.

Of course, the administration is trying to deal with fake users, but their percentage is quite large. If you don’t really strain, but just want to have a good time, this is your stop. The percentage of female accounts is significantly higher than the male. One of the reasons for this is that for women using the site is free, provided that they confirm their identity. Here is such an exchange for “truthfulness.” Nevertheless, it is worth being very careful not to fall for a swindler. Reviews

Management is trying to control most of the newly registered users. That is, the entire registration process goes through their approval. Filling profiles, as for me, is very meager.  Except for a couple of photographs, age, name, and geolocation, essentially nothing is known about you. If you have a desire, you can tell about your hobbies or life credos.

The only thing you can afford is to ask your partner to tell you more about yourself so that the picture becomes clear to you. A variety of options are freely available for you, but the search process with filtering is still a question of money. If you have doubts about the interlocutor or if you want to confirm your profile in order to seem more believable, contact the support team directly.

Insofar as some of the accounts look too unrealistic – I would advise you to do this.


Until you apply for membership, the following functions are available to you – viewing profiles, sending emoticons, you can also mark a partner with an asterisk and add to bookmarks if you don’t want to lose him or her.

In order to experience the site’s capabilities after registration you are provided with 5 free chats, it’s very convenient, because you can spend them on different people. But all messages will be subsequently blocked for 1 day if you do not switch to membership. I repeat that this rule has no relation to the fair sex.
Another way that you can diversify your acquaintance is roulette.

This function randomly sends you profiles of potential partners, if you are interested or coincided with someone in sympathy, there is a direct road to communication. This opportunity dilutes the atmosphere of building relationships a bit and gives you a great opportunity to choose. If someone is interested in you, chose in roulette or marked you with a heart, this is all displayed in your profile. Dating Site Review

Easy To Use

If you touch on the theme of design, someone is well done and tried for your convenience. The interface is nice and clear, to figure it out you will need 2 minutes.  You use the two main tabs – “Search” and “‘Like Gallery”. All filters are in access, moreover, recently registered users and those who are online now display their status.

Another key feature is the ability to track the user’s geo-position and understand how far the partner is. Tinder works on the same principle. This is a very good opportunity for those who are set up to meet.

For an immediate reaction in your authority to wave or give a smile. All messages and notifications that come personally to you are displayed in your profile.

Unfortunately, a mobile application has not yet been created. But there is a mobile version of the site available, which allows you to stay in touch even when there is no computer with you. In general, it will allow you to perform all the same functions as from a computer.

Safety & Fight Against Scammers

The main drawback lies precisely in this part of the review. The security issue is poor, the protection measures for your data are very weak. Some of the participants are supervised by support agents, but this is not enough to assure you that the service is perfect. If you are serious and assertive, in order to avoid incident situations you are allowed (even recommended) to pass an authentication check. Your profile intends to get a lot more attention marked as “verified user”. About the internal policy of the site, cookies and other equally important issues concerning security you find directly on

What’s The Price?

I guess that the dating site charges a certain fee for its services is not surprising. Flirt offers the following payment system for its services:

  • 1 Month 27.30 $ / Month  27.30 $
  • 3 Months 15.30 $ / Month  45.90 $
  • 6 Months 12.27 $ / Month  73.60 $

This system is very convenient because taking a custom package for 6 months you can save very well. If you are still not sure of your desire to use the online platform, there is the possibility of a trial period (cost $ 4.23). If previously your possibilities were limited only to sending emoticons, adding to favorites, then after registering for membership you can use all the powers of the search, more personal information and photos, the ability to communicate via video chat.

I guarantee that you will feel the difference between a free account and a premium subscription.

Pros & Cons


  • nice and clear interface;
  • more than 1,000,000 members worldwide;
  • 1 click registration;
  • free use;
  • the possibility of diverse communication;
  • geolocation search.


  • a lot of fake accounts;
  • dubious privacy policy;
  • paid system for full use of the site. Dating Site

Bottom Line

In general, you are the creator of your fate. Dating sites such as can only significantly help you in fulfilling your goals and desires. It’s worth to try even if you just want to have fun and chat with other people who might be interesting to you. For someone, it’s a chance to find love, and for someone, it’s an opportunity to unwind. Make informed decisions!