FriendFinder Review

FriendFinder dating site has collected a great number of singles across the world. It is an old dating platform with more than 350,000 active members. Searching for FriendFinder dating site reviews you will easily find some good and bad reviews, as every person has its own opinion. In addition, each FriendFinder review is a valuable experience as it shows possibilities for improvements. For more convenient online matching, there is a mobile application that is suitable for Apple smartphones.

FriendFinder at a Glance

  • Registration 4/5
  • Communication 3.5/5
  • Member profiles quality 3/5
  • Mobile Application 4/5
  • Safety 4/5

Pros And Cons


  • FriendFinder Magazine with different articles, polls, tips and other helpful information
  • Promotions that allow to upgrade membership or open some features without paying
  • Profile verification via emails
  • Application for smartphones and mobile version of the platform
  • Different languages of the website


  • Fake and inactive profiles are not rare
  • For interaction with others, you have to pay
  • Sending emails and messages are limited for standard users
  • The mobile application does not support Android phones
  • Often technical issues with registration and signing in

What is FriendFinder?

It is very important to find out the truth about FriendFinder or any other dating service before using it. In the beginning, it is necessary to mention that this dating app is a part of FriendFinder Network which has several other dating platforms. It exists since 1996 and has gained valuable experience since that time. Nowadays, welcomes every single person who is looking for someone. It is available on languages like French, German, Spanish, and English what attracts many lonely people to try it out. It has combined features of dating sites and social networks. Members can write their own articles and start discussions. Members of this platform are more interested in casual relationships. In case you are looking for true love until the last day, maybe you should check out other services.

How Does Work?

As in every other review, you can find information about how dating service works. In the very beginning, there is a registration process as an obligatory step for online dating. After that, you will be asked to fill in your profile with all the needed information, upload some photos. As you receive only the status of free membership, many features for interaction with others may not be available for you. However, do not worry, you can browse profiles and send messages. In addition, there are some tasks that allow you to achieve special points. You can use them to upgrade your membership. It is a long way to get enough of them for getting a Gold subscription but it is still possible.

Signing Up

The registration process is very simple. At first, you need to provide your sex and choose who you are looking for. After that, you will be asked about your place of living. For some countries, it is enough to indicate the zip code of the city, for others you need to choose from the list. Then you need to provide your email and come up with a username and password. In the next two steps, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself, upload photo and verify your email. In case you try to skip it, at the next FriendFinder log in attempt, you will be again asked to do that. Sometimes there are problems with signing up with the email field. It may always say that the provided one is invalid. In such a case, it is better to contact the customer support department.

Searching & Profile Quality

The search tool plays an important role in finding the right person, therefore it should be well developed. FriendFinder is focused on showing you single members according to the distance between you and them. There are various parameters that you can set according to your tastes and preferences in the search tool. When you have noticed someone interested in you, add this person to your hotlist, send a flirt, add as a friend, upgrade subscription to gold or even refer to a friend. Friend finder also has a matching algorithm that shows compatibility charts based on the information mentioned in both profiles.

Speaking about profiles quality, the first thing that you notice is a nice design of a profile page where you can easily find everything about the person. You can see when the member was online last time and its activities. Among different information will find zodiac signs. If you have only a free standard subscription, you will not be able to see videos and other gallery photos.

Is FriendFinder Safe?

Is legit service? That is the main question in most of the internet users that are looking for some decent dating platform. You can be sure that all your data is protected by an SLL encryption protocol. Since its existence, FriendFinder Network has developed reliable ways of protecting its users. It has is an email verification process that everyone has to undergo in order to communicate with other members. It is important to remember that no one dating service can guarantee a 100% absence of fake people. Scammers always find ways to avoid verifications and member validations. Therefore, you always should be careful with communication on any website.

Customer Support

As for customer support, it is not so simple. In general, there is an FAQ helpdesk where you can look for solutions to the most common issues. In case it is something different you will have to write your request to the support team. Users with free memberships will have to wait up to 48 to get an answer. With subscription plans it this time is reduced to 24 and 12 hours. Only Silver and Gold members of FriendFinder have a possibility to call. As you can see that is really something not good, as sometimes issues should be solved as soon as possible, but you cannot receive their support.

How Much Does It Cost?

Right in the beginning, every member receives free membership. With it, you can browse and communicate with other users. It includes the following features:

  • Database search for members by username
  • Database search using a standard form
  • Have your username on the Members Online list only up to 10 matches
  • Emails are viewable only for 30 days
  • Maximum members in Hotlist are 200
  • You receive technical support only within 2 days
  • Limitation of sending emails to other members
  • View Profiles
  • Imitated uploading voice greeting and sending it to other members
  • Create and view personality test result
  • Upload photos
  • Keep a personal Hotlist of members
  • Upload video greeting
  • Use active chat rooms
  • Using IM system talk to users instantly


In case it is not enough, and you want to even more increase, your chances of finding the best match for you, there are two more subscription plans, Silver and Gold. There are 1, 3 and 6 months subscriptions with auto-renewal.

The Silver subscription plan costs $22.95 per 1 month, $13.95 for 3 months and $10.95 for 6 months and they provide you with several additional features.

  • You can view videos of other members
  • Possibility call to technical support by yourself
  • reviews photos and profiles faster
  • You can view up to 5 photos from the gallery of other members
  • Searching other users by the distance and save search settings
  • You are no longer limited in sending emails and voice greetings to other users
  • The hotlist is increased to 500
  • Support department answers back in 24 hours
  • Emails are viewable for 60 days
  • Your username appears on Members Online list up to 20 matches

With the Golden subscription plan, you will have to pay $34.95 for 1 month, $14.95 for 3 months and you receive one additional month for free, $11.95 for 6 months with 2 free months. Therefore, in addition to the above mention features, you can get

  • ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID’s of members in your network
  • use super-search for members using a priority form
  • The hotlist is increased to 1000
  • Support department answers within 12 hours
  • Emails are viewable for 120 days
  • Your username appears on Members Online list to 35+ matches
  • You can view up to 20 photos from the gallery of other members


FriendFinder is not a bad dating service, but also not very good. It has its weak and strong sides which make most of the internet users think twice before using it. However, it has good possibilities to meet other people online without paying. Only conversations with others can give you chances to date someone.