Review of Loveaholics

In a Nutshell

Today you are going to find out the truth about Loveaholics and how successfully this online community operates in the dating world. Have you been seeking an ideal website for a serious and committed relationship and ran into the Loveaholics dating site? Then, internet sources have brought you to the right place. We decided to make the Loveaholics review and see whether it is worth your attention and time. The thing we got wind of was that many people have made couples there and, in general, there is a perfect opportunity to chat and date for anyone who wants to try online dating. Can’t believe it’s real? Keep reading and you will realize your doubts are such a fallacy.


Of course, as any online website, Loveaholics has both pros and cons. However, the first overweight the second ones. Let’s have a look!


  • free joining chatrooms allowing you to easily interact with any members on the dating sites;
  • advanced match-making system that identifies the common interests of each person and connects them with one another;
  • unlimited number of likes, winks or friends requests that you may send when showing your interest in someone;
  • sending photos and videos to your favorites at no cost.


  • not all of the features are free;
  • scamming may take place, however, it is really rare.

main page Loveaholics at a Glance

You know as it is demonstrated in movies all the time when a man and woman see each other and right off the bat it’s clear they are going to make a good couple. The same is here, actually – with it’s love at first sight. No words are necessary here, you just need to check it out yourself – it’s like a picture worth a thousand words.


What is and how does it work? See the answers to these questions in a provided section.

This online dating community is targeted at the audience of single men aged 18-50 who hope to find their perfect lady. It encourages every single person to chat, flirt and arrange a meeting because the main aim everyone is pursuing – finding love. Loveaholics is an amazing dating platform with the help of which you can meet your soulmate, and thus embark on an unforgettable passionate journey with a woman of your dreams, have casual encounters and romantic evenings at the restaurant. If you the type of a single man who is into dating adventures, then this site is exactly what you need to have in your life! The endless chatrooms and hot profiles are right out there in one place.


Sign Up

While working on the review, we could not just skip the sign-up process and reveal how it all works. So, the thing that is pretty clear from the very start is the ease of Loveaholics log in and a little time to become a member. At first, you are kindly requested to write some basic information about yourself including your date of birth, email address, mobile phone, current place of living. After a few seconds, you will get the notification to your email about the registration confirmation. You have to click on the link you got by email and you will be redirected to your newly created profile.

These steps seem pretty easy, huh? But wait, there are a few more. Loveaholics also wants to connect like-minded people within the website, that’s why it asks you to fill out some forms and questionnaires. The information you mention there will be taken into account when filtering the thousands of profiles and in the end, you will be presented to the girls that match you the best! What kind of things are asked? Simple questions revealing your and your future partner’s interests and demonstrating your true intentions about the relationship you are going to dive into.

Search & Profile Quality 

Right after the moment, you start using Loveaholics service you will be amazed by the advanced search tool that instantly brings locals together. Do you remember that questionnaire in the registration part we have just talked about? That’s exactly where it takes its roots from. The search system of the website compares users’ characteristics and shares the profiles of one’s preference.

Moreover, all of the profiles there are verified in advance, so you do not need to worry that you chat with a fake person. Besides that, Loveaholics has an enormous number of these profiles, so the variety of people you can meet is also something that has to leave no concerns. And, yes, we bet that on all other Loveaholics dating site reviews you will hear the same because this particular site is certainly one of the greatest in the dating arena.

members Loveaholics


In this Loveaholics review you already have read a lot of information about the basic site features and services, but what about your safety? It is the most crucial thing you have to be concerned about, isn’t it?

To begin with, this website uses a very reliable type of encryption allowing it to provide the services and functions without much struggles and risks. In addition, the whole dating adventure is secure, because it has specific moderators who track down all users’ activity on the website and if they find anything suspicious, they immediately take all necessary measures to it. Considering all that, you might come to the conclusion that Loveaholics is a significantly reliable and secure source for online dating.

Special Features

  • various profiles;
  • instant messages;
  • free video chat;
  • winks;
  • likes

Help & Support

Do you need help concerning your user experience on Loveaholics, find everything in the “Help & Support” category – from account settings to permissions. If there any questions arising on the agenda, make sure to reach out to their support team 24 to 7.

Cost/Prices & Plans

Also, in many reviews, there is a bunch of unnecessary information about costs. That’s why we will keep it as simple as possible. All the extra features can be purchased with the website currency called credits, and if there is a need to refund money, you will get everything back. Additionally, all transactions are safe and quick, which makes it really easy for everyone to proceed with payments.


Final Verdict

To wrap it up, Loveaholics is an ideal place for having a booty call or even something serious. It is a heaven for single and full of lust lovers who crave to meet the partner of their dreams. If you can relate yourself to such a description, probably it is a sign for you to finally take action towards your happy romantic life. You do not want to miss your boat, do you? Then, quickly go to and feel the love flourishing inside you today!


Of course, it is. Every person who once had visited their page asked the same question, and everyone saw they were right. The first impression of the website makes you feel that is legit and safe, and your gut feeling serves you correctly. If you want to have a dating experience on such a secure website, just go for it and you will never regret.

Certainly, yes. Anyone who is willing to become a part of the loving community and immerse him/herself into the passionate environment there is free to go. You can join it just with several clicks – press the ‘sign up’ tab, fill out some details about yourself, press the ‘register’ button. That’s it for registration! As easy as a doddle!

You simply go to the ‘search’ section and then set a filter of features that you are interested to see in your partner and narrow the number of redundant profiles down. You keep scrolling and visiting profiles you like and connect with the members if you feel like doing so.

The vast majority of users certainly prefers to use dating services through their phones or tablets, so the mobile app is available for your own convenience. The interface of it is also user-friendly and functional as it is via a browser.

You can sign up at no cost and create your Loveaholics profile. Also, you have an opportunity to freely browse profiles and have a standard type of interaction among them. But in terms of a full package of services, though, some functions will not be available. If you want to enjoy the website to the fullest and have access to all features, then the member subscription has to be considered.

Each member of the website is fostered to verify his/her profile, as well as you. When you do this easy step, you will be granted with a much safer database of profiles, thus think less about your safety. 

Definitely, you can. Go to “reporting” of a certain profile and find the three vertical dots, that will open some options for you, then select “Block a user”. 

Of course, you can. If you feel like stopping using their service and find no need to have an account there, you are free to do that. Simply go to settings and find the button “Delete my account”.