Mingle2 Review

Mingle2, also previously known as JustSayHi, is a reputable and reliable dating platform since 2008. For today, it has more than 2.5 million visitors every day, and the greater part of them are men. The website works with any age category and makes it easier for a vast number of people from all over the world to reach each other for relationships. The service is highly appreciated by American users especially. This helpful Mignle2 dating site review is a useful source to explore and get useful information to come up with a decision.

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Mingle2 is Popular

Everyone one definitely wants to read an honest Mingle2 review, as it is important to know, is Mingle2 legit dating platform or not.  Many singles all around the world appreciate the online dating sphere as it is a real help in finding a spouse. There are lots of hot and sexy photos on the platforms but still, the main reason why people start using them is communication and relationships.

In order to provide assistance to lonely people, Mingle2 allows its members to communicate without paying. Just with a free membership, you can browse member profiles and start conversations with them. Fortunately, there are other affordable membership subscriptions with their prices and features. In general, they just help to be more notice among other users and to see who has visited your profile and liked it.

Mingle2.com Works Easily

Before registration, learning the truth about Mingle2.com, and how it works, greatly helps to make a decision about joining it. Since the very beginning, this dating service offers a free online matching experience. In order to communicate with other members, you do not need to get paid membership subscriptions or buy some credits. Sending messages is free and you can easily start a conversation with a person you like. Mingle2 shows you recommendations of people that may interest you and how far away they are. You can also browse by yourself, other members. In addition, there is a forum of members. You can visit it even without registration to see different discussions. Mostly, members of Mingle2 are satisfied with this service. Learning from some information the real people can bring up thoughts and make your own Mignle2.com review and attitude to it.


The sign-up process at Mingle2 is not complicated. At the homepage of the website, there is a window with Join Free button, above the Migle2 log in section. For a user it is easy to deal with: just indicate a birth date, country of living, email, and gender. The next step is email verification. It is recommended to check spam also, as sometimes verification emails may mistakenly get there. Avery important step is the photo uploading process. This step allows the verification to be conducted easily and on time. It does not require some time, but the photo should be yours. After the registration process is finished, you can fill in information about yourself on your personal account page. That is all that is needed to complete the registration process.

Mindly2 Registration

Profile Quality & Search

It is a very simple process to fill info about a new user as the website is totally user-friendly. The search tool allows you to set different parameters like body shape, hair and eye color, marital status, height and what is more important the distance between you and the person you are looking for. It is always great to have the possibility to meet in person. What is more important is the profile quality. It can show how confident users of this dating platform are, that they are providing full personal descriptions. At Mingle2, you can find well-organized profiles with nice descriptions and photos. Additionally, from time to time you can find some empty pages that have only photos. 

Is Mingle2 Safe?

On the internet, it is very important to stay cautious and do not fall for malicious ads and websites. The same goes for online dating services. They should care and protect its members from scammers and other deceivers. Speaking about the Mingle2 dating site you can be confident in its safety. After the registration, identity verification is obligatory. You cannot skip it and start to look at profiles of validated members. In order to complete it, you need to send your photo to the service. Only after the approval of the management team, you can start to use this service. If you will try to send some random photos from the internet, you can be sure that it will not be approved. After that, you will be asked to provide another photo. With such a system of member validation there no chances for scammers to join this service. Even from Mingle2.com’s reviews of people that have tried this service, you can hear that this is a safe dating platform. What is more, this dating app has an SSL encryption code that is used to protect all of your personal information from stealing.


In addition, the management team also monitors communication between people. Discussions are good, especially those intelligent ones.  Mingle2 is much safer. You can be yourself without worries that someone will hurt your feelings. In case of some inappropriate behavior, you can always report to customer support.

Help & Support

With help & support, it is not so easy at Mingle2. But developers are doing their best to solve the issue. In case you need some help, you can check by yourself FAQ section or look for help at the member forum. You can always send an email to the support department. It does not take a lot of time to receive their reply. The support agent always provides you with full information with what will be or can be done.


In the beginning, everyone receives free membership and it allows to communicate with others. In case simple conversations are not enough for you, Mingle2 has subscription plans for 3, 6 and 12 months with additional features. The cheapest is the longest one and it is just $71.4 with $5.95 per month. With 6 months $47.7 with $7.95 per month and 3 months is $59.7 and $9.95 per month. It does not matter which one you have, you always get

  • Highlighting your profile in searches
  • Browse others anonymously
  • Store all messages, as they normally are deleted in a month
  • On Mutual Match you will see who likes you
  • Possibility to see when your message is read

Pros And Cons


  • Strong identity validation system that eradicates scammers
  • The simple and quick registration process
  • Communication with a free membership
  • Forum of members
  • Handy mobile application


  • Short personality descriptions in profiles
  • A great number of advertisements
  • Support is only by emails
  • A large number of inactive users
  • Inability to completely delete your profile, only deactivation

Sum Up

Mingle2.com definitely stands out in comparison with other services. It has free communication, which allows people to do not spend money and find someone to date. However, it may be difficult to find a person you like that is not far away from you. It is important to mention that relations between people can be developed by themselves and dating site is just a place and tool for that.


How to contact Mingle2?

In order to contact the support department, you may use [email protected] or through the Contact page. In addition, there is a Help forum and FAQ section that may have answers on the issues.

Is Migle2 a good mobile app?

The mobile application of Mingle2 includes all features that the desktop version has. In addition, it supports Android and Apple smartphones. In case your smartphone is not suitable for it, you can always you a mobile web version of the website.

How to remove the profile from Mingle2?

  • An account deactivation on this dating platform is so simple. There is a simple “deactivate – remove account” button with helpful instructions to follow.
  • In the mobile application version, there is a special account deactivation button.