SeniorFriendFinder.Com Review: Is It Helpful Enough?

When it comes to online dating for senior people there are several essential things to be taken into account: is the sate simple enough to apply it, is it safe and legit, and is it effective enough? According to reviews, the site is helpful and worthy of attention, although some specifics should be considered.

First of all, the site’s main aim is not a marriage, but assisting people in finding somebody close and trustful online. It can be a pen pal, which further becomes a real friend, random interlocutor, or somebody with a special spark causing romantic feelings.

Users admit SeniorFriendFinder as a site from top-10 dating sites for seniors, which follow all security protocols, provide highly-quality service and care members resolving any possible requests. The features provided by the site have already helped to fight loneliness for thousands of people, which is evidenced by the “Success stories” section provided by the site.

What Are Major Benefits and Lacks from Joining to SeniorFriendFinder?

People, who are grateful for this dating service for help, used to leave respective reviews, which should be learned together with those, left by people unsatisfied with service to get all the truth about SeniorFriendFinder. Otherwise, the impression will not be full, and disappointment will be guaranteed. If you don’t have much time to do research and request the World Wide Web below, you may find major positive and negative points to pay attention to.

The positive sides are:

  • The registration and account creation is free and quick procedures;
  • Users are flexible in their goals of joining the SeniorFriendFinder community;
  • A lot of successful stories;
  • The site has a significant number of active and initially interested in communication members;
  • Thematic chatrooms;
  • Communication is allowed only to those members, who completed the profile, thus risk to meet fake is decreased;
  • Day and night support;
  • The site has a mobile version and an app as well;
  • There are no continuous complaints on fakes or scammers because all members are mature people, who know their aims and achieve them

At the same time users of SeniorFriendFinder dating site name the following negative moments appeared during usage of the platform:

  • The site has advertisement;
  • Some features are not free;
  • An app is adopted for iOS only for now.

SeniorFriendFinder.Com at a Glance

  • Number of members: up to a half of a million;
  • Number of logins: each time user logins there are a couple of hundreds of online users;
  • The average age of members: 60 years;
  • Free communication tools: yes, but not much;
  • Unusual and helpful features: the ability to seek a group of people by interests and create a shared account with a couple.

What Is SeniorFriendFinder.Com?

This site is not a traditional dating platform, which is aimed to help lonely people find their couples. First of all, it belongs to a reliable and trustworthy Friend Finder Network, which partially explains the site’s success. The second of all, its focused audience is people who are older 60 years and want to find somebody to communicate online (preferably) or offline. Although there are younger members, who are close to 50 years, so the site is opened to everybody who desires to joint it.

Except for standard features for communication, SeniorFriendFinder offers options explicitly modified according to the desires and requests of its members. For SeniorFriendFinder, there are chatrooms divided either by groups of people, who like to communicate with each other or by topics and interests. It also allows members to share their thoughts and events via a blog.

Another feature, which is accessible and effective, is arranging different kinds of events for loyal members to manage real meetings and give seniors an additional occasion to have a fan. To standard communication tools relate matching, chatting, and emails writing with pics exchange.

page SeniorFriendFinder

How Does SeniorFriendFinder Work?

Although the site is considered as not a classic dating site, it has similar stages to go through to become a member and use it in full. Each of these steps will be described in more detail further in this review. Now let’s see the general scheme to follow and become a member of

The first step to be done is to visit the official site and select the “Join Now” button, which will redirect the future user to the 5 simple questions to create a profile. The second step is to complete the profile to be able to communicate and view others’ profiles. When all fields about members’ aim of registration and habits will be filled the member will be able to watch other profiles and communicate with their owners. The other condition to apply communication tools is profile upgrading by purchasing one of the types of membership, which will be also described later.

Users can also participate in public discussions, maintain a personal blog, and make posts in a magazine, which will give rise to popularity showing other users’ activity and true interest in communication. When a member has enough online friends, there is an option to visit a special event and meet each other in real life. Regular members specially treat the last option according to the majority of SeniorFriendFinder dating site reviews.

user profile

How to Create an Account

So now, you are aware of all the benefits of being a member of SeniorFriendsFinder and want to create there a personal profile. Happily, for you, there are no problems or time-consuming issues connected with the first time SeniorFriendFinder log in. User is provided with 2 options: either log in via Facebook’s account or to fill the form with 5 simple questions and create a separate account. Anyway, each step doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, although login from Facebook might be faster and simpler.

Now the member is allowed to either replenish its account and start communicating with others in chats or to take time and acknowledge with the interface, profiles, and main used functions.

register form

Search and Profile Quality

Anyway, in order to communicate with other members should identify a person(s) to start a dialog with. So the searching will be suitable to find an interesting profile or an attractive person. Happily, most of the profiles are completed with all necessary information and have several pics, so the search is easy and effective.

Another important thing to mention is an insignificantly small number of fakes, because of extremely effective moderation procedures, so everybody you’ll communicate with would be 100%, real people.

Profile Quality

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

Asking Is SeniorFriendFinder safe, you will be pleasantly surprised by an answer. Although this service doesn’t limit users in topics of aims of being a member, it is very serious about security and safety rules. First of all, because the site is securely encrypted from fraudsters and phishing attacks, so no data from a personal conversation or payment details will be stolen with 100% surety.

Another tool to care and protect the members of this online service is to implement an automatic anti-scam algorithm, which is aimed to recognize phrases and sentences as inappropriate and make respective investigations. In case the investigation show breach with the site’s rule or disrespect to somebody’s rights, the violator’s profile will be constantly blocked.

Help & Support a SeniorFriendFinder.Com

The first stage of the site’s support is placing all terms of use and respective policies on the viable place, making every member able to access that. In case some difficulties or issues appear, any user may right to the service-desk team, which is available day and night, and are ready to help with any request. Here user can report fakes if there are some doubts about whether the member is real or not, questions about the site’s work, inappropriate behavior of others, and so on. The special email address is created just for such cases.

Premium Membership at SeniorFriendFinder.Com

As was mentioned above, the site’s communication tools become available after purchasing a premium membership. When no doubts appear about is legit or not, does it prevents scammers and fraudsters? Is it popular and worth of attention? There is no need for an explanation of the payment basis needed. Moreover, the site has affordable prices, which starts from almost $23 per month is member purchases membership for a month or $11 in case the membership is acquired for 3 months.

Prepaid members can chat unlimitedly, write articles in personal blogs, view VIP-profiles, and mail others. Additionally, they can reduce the amount of advertisement and increase the popularity of profile, putting it upper than others in a search menu.


It’s hard to answer whether SeniorFriendFinder a good site for older people or not. It definitely has an impressive list of advantages, which makes it popular among almost 500 000 users. That’s a good sign to try membership and decide personally it is effective or not.


  1. What is the mission of the SeniorFriendFinder? – the site’s mission is to assist older people in communicating with each other online and offline.
  2. What are guarantees there are no fakes on the site? – the site performs an email verification during the registration process and regularly monitor profiles for any unusual activity. Any profiles spotted in breaching policies or abusing other users will be permanently blocked without the right to be restored.
  3. What are the payment options available? – the site proposes to perform payment using any banking card, although the user can also send a signed check.
  4. Why my profile doesn’t appear in a general search? – in major cases, the profiles with empty or improperly filled location lines are not shown in a search. To eliminate this, please update your profile.
  5. How to connect a customer service? – you can just refer to the Help section, where the email address of the support team is specified.
  6. How to initiate communication? – just select the account you like, open it and scroll for the specific menu, where sending an email option will be specified.
  7. How to search? – You just should find in a menu bar the button search and click on it, then specify respective criteria and apply this function. You are also able to save your searching parameters for future usage.
  8. Can I propose some improvements to the site? – yes, you can. The site is opened for such kind of offers. Just find and feel the respective form in a Help section or write to the support team directly.