SeniorPeopleMeet.Com Review: Basic Points & Characteristics

People Media is a company known by the creation of effective dating sites in certain niches, and SeniorPeopleMeet didn’t become an exclusion. Using this dating platform, people over 40 are looking for simple online communication, real friendship, romantic relationships, and real dates. The administration doesn’t put any limits on the members, except for being real and have sincere intentions. Any attempts of fraud or inappropriate behavior are immediately сlipped because the site sincerely cares members and its reputation as well.

The following SeniorPeopleMeet review is aimed to disclose all significant facts about the dating platform, show how it works and what benefits from joining this community the user can get. Thus the reliable information for deciding whether the site can be visited safely and effectively will be gathered.

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Major Benefits and Drawbacks from Joining to SeniorPeopleMeet

It would be logical to start the review from real feedbacks from users about strength and weaknesses that are inherent to the site. Below you may find the consolidated data, which will show benefits from being a member of the SeniorPeopleMeet and possible lack of it. Therefore, the benefits are:

  • The site’s relation to one of the largest and the most reliable groups in niche dating;
  • The quick registration form, which consists of 5 simple questions and takes less than 5 minutes to be completed;
  • Sites provide with the quick personality test to find the best match for each member;
  • The extended search function;
  • The database with significantly more than a million profiles;
  • The search is automatically connected to the specified in profile location (not far than in 100 miles);
  • A free search and some other communication tools;
  • There is an app to make communication more convenient from any device;
  • Several types of premium membership (subscription or purchasing tokens for communication only).

Happily, according to the majority of reviews, there are not many lacks of being a member of it. Particularly users would like to have more communication tools for free.

SeniorPeopleMeet.Сom at a Glance

  • Number of members: almost 2 million active users;
  • Number of logins: almost 65 thousand per week;
  • The average age of members: 45-55 years;
  • Free communication tools: sending flirts and receiving matches;
  • Unusual and helpful features: creating a virtual phone number for connecting members’ safety and virtual gifts function, real events arranged by the site.

What Is SeniorPeopleMeet.Com?

The truth about SeniorPeopleMeet is hidden in its name. The site is oriented for the audience starting late 40 and older, although any other people can freely join the site. One of the main advantages of the site, except for clear and simple but nice interface that is very convenient for senior people, is the variety of unique functions proposed to premium members:

  • Standard sending flirts, messages and visiting chatrooms;
  • Receiving more than 10 matches per day to choose someone to communicate with;
  • Online gifts delivery for attracting attention to the personal profile and showing special attitude;
  • Creating special phone lines for those who want to communicate directly, but don’t want to show real phone number yet;
  • Promoting the profile to the top, so other members in their search will find the promoted profile at firstly;
  • Professional help with filling the profile’s information making it unique and attractive to others;
  • Arranging events for loyal members to help seniors spend their time with fun and interesting people and enjoy life.

The list of advantages is non-exhaustive, and the value of all these benefits can be felt only in case of personal application. Although considering the number of special features, it would be a good idea at least to try it for free to realize is SeniorPeopleMeet’s good website and whether you want to continue with additional payable privileges.

How Does SeniorPeopleMeet Work?

Since usual online dating recourses are focused on young people up to 35 years old. It means that they do not cover a huge number of single, namely senior singles who are still looking for their second half and would like to share the rest of their lives with their beloved.

That is why People Media company made a decision to create a special niche online dating platform that will be focused on people who are older than 40 years old. SeniorPeopleMeet becomes a popular platform in its niche. In 2019 People Media company decided to merge two of its products oriented on senior singles, and SeniorPeopleMeet has been merged with Since these two websites were from one developing team, there were not too many differences in their interfaces and features. So members of SeniorPeopleMeet become members of easily. SeniorPeopleMeet log in the process leads them to following paragraphs about the registration process, search tools, profiles’ quality, and so on will be already about merged because there is no separate website named SeniorPeopleMeet anymore. So do not be confused about it.

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How to Create an Account?

The registration process at OurTime is quite fast and straightforward, so it will be easy to pass it even for those people who are older than fifty years and do not use a computer often. The signup process includes a questionnaire form with a few basic questions about the person who would like to become a member of this community. Every single question will be in the new window, and when a person provides the site with the answer, he or she clicks on the “keep going” button and go further to the next question.

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All process will not take more than only five minutes, which is really convenient. And once all the answers have been provided, the newcomer became a member of the website and can start to fill out his or her just created profile there.

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Search and Profile Quality

There are more than eight million senior singles use the site every month. And when the person enters into his or her profile for the first time, a significant number of members online can surprise. That is why the question “how to choose the right person for dating among this huge number of profiles?” becomes so popular.

The answer is pretty simple “use search/filter tools to narrow down the search circle”. OurTime has a couple of such tools:

  • Automatic match finder tool that provides a member with potential matched every day;
  • Advanced filter tool that allows sorting users’ profiles by a number of criteria based on information from their profiles. The list of these criteria includes the following: marital status, children, religion, ethnicity, zodiac sign, age range, body type, and so on.

The advanced filter tool has such a big number of criteria because of the comprehensive profiles’ structure at OurTime. Since the site is focused on senior mature people who would like to know more information about the person before date him, profiles there can provide this level of detail.

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

OurTime’s administration has implemented all the necessary security and protection systems and tools to make the environment they provide their users with as safe as possible. Of course, even the best safety and profiles’ verification policy cannot provide users with one hundred percent guarantee that there is no fake or scam profile on the site. But it can guarantee that every single fake profile will be identified and block as fast as possible.

Help & Support

In case when one of the users of the site has some issues with the website’s services or questions about them, he or she will be able to reach the client support team and get all consultations and solutions he or she needed. OurTime has a professional support group that always would like to help users with their issues and do it in a friendly and polite way.

Premium Membership

To provide its users with the same high level of services, moreover, to become better and better in it, the website works on a paid basis system. Because it will not be possible to keep such a professional team without a respective level of remuneration. So to use all features of the site, users need to pay for membership.

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SeniorPeopleMeet dating site reviews described in this article are not the ultimate source of information. The best one is a personal impression and feeling. According to the huge number of success stories published at the site, you will not be disappointed for sure.


  • What privileges give premium membership? – Paid premium members can use all the features of the site, such as: read and reply on messages, see members who have flirted with them, and chatting with hundreds of members online.
  • Is it expensive to become a premium member? – The actual prices and programs are available on the site, so every person who is interested in becoming a member can easily check them out and understand it is expensive or nor.
  • How to communicate with other users? – The site provides its users with a few ways of communication. The major of them are mailing and chatting. These two communication channels are the most popular and helpful for people who would like to know more about each other through online dating platforms.
  • Is SeniorPeopleMeet a good dating platform? – SeniorPeopleMeet was a leading product on the market of senior dating websites, and after the merge, with, this product becomes even better. But to understand, will it meet the requirements of a certain person, he or she needs to check the site out by him- or herself.
  • Is legit? – Yes, this product of People Media company was legit as SeniorPeopleMeet and still legit as OurTime, there is why millions of users chose it some time ago and still use it now.
  • Is SeniorPeopleMeet safe? – Yes, the environment that the site provides its users with is safe. A number of the best security and protection systems have been implemented on the site for it.
  • Does the site have client support services? – Yes, of course, it has. As well as it was at SenirPeopleMeet, OurTime’s client support team is professional and always solves client’s issues in a friendly way.
  • Does the site have advanced search tools? – Yes, of course, it has. There are even a couple of them there. Automatic match finder that refreshes daily and advanced filter that allows to sort of users’ profiles by a big number of criteria.