SeniorSoulmates.Com Review: Characteristics, Guide & Prices

Avalanche LLC known by its reliable and joyful dating platforms, has developed the specific site for seniors after 40 named SeniorSoulmates. Its members are free for any type of communication, starting from nice and polite conversations and ending by romantic online dates being far away from each other for thousands of miles. The site provides its services in many countries from every part of the world. As a result, there are many couples, who found each other via and officially married, and whose stories you can read in the respective section.

The site considered to be extremely popular and fought attention and admitting millions in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. The major reason is orienting the site to mature people’s requirements, as they know what they want and want they don’t want to meet in relationships. Assisting singles in middle years and older in finding a close person to communicate with and share emotions became one from the top-10 sites, which should be visited. Hence the SeniorSoulmates review can be helpful to check whether all of this true and to perform the first login if the information provided will satisfy your demands.

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Major Benefits and Drawbacks from Joining to SeniorSoulmates

To understand whether the site should be visited and is it safe and effective to communicate, future users may perform a little research. Such research may contain information about the pros & cons of the site and reviews from real users, to identify strong or weak sides. Based on such information, it becomes much easier to make a decision. In this article, you can find the summarized data from SeniorSoulmates dating site reviews placed on other sites.

The benefits of SeniorSoulmates membership are:

  • There are no problems to sign up. First of all, it’s for free, the second of all it is a quick process;
  • The site cares for users safety and provides services of high quality;
  • Members are accessed to the huge database with profiles;
  • The design is nice, and the interface is simple to use the site without any additional clarifications;
  • It’s easy to find a match because of tools available in a search menu;
  • The premium membership is affordable;
  • There is a diversity of tools for effective communication.

To the drawback, users attributed the following:

  • Advertisement, which distracts from the main aims of being online. Although it can be blocked by prepaid members;
  • The mobile app wasn’t launched yet. Although the site has a mobile version, which doesn’t significantly differ from the web one.

These pros & cons are subjective and cannot pretend to the truth about SeniorSoulmates in the last instance. That’s why the additional information should be provided, and you can find it below.

SeniorSoulmates.Com at a Glance

  • Number of members: more than 2 million;
  • Number of logins: whenever member logins there are several thousands of members online;
  • The average age of members: 40-60 years for both men and women;
  • Free communication tools: members can communicate for free, but cannot obtain answers from others;
  • Unusual and helpful features: The site operates only standard tools.

What Is SeniorSoulmates.Com?

The SeniorSoulmates considered as a traditional service, which assists people in middle years and older in finding soulmates and friends providing them with different communication tools. Thus, it’s members don’t pay for any of the reviewal or registration features. Except for safety and convenience, the site is valuable by the perfect women to men ration, which is very close to 1:1. These give both males and females good chances to find love online.

Speaking about features and differences compared to other sites, it’s worth to mention the quality of the pic, which is saved and doesn’t compress. Considering that the audience is Seniors from 40 to 70 years and older, it is good to know the images can be reviewed in detail without additional support.

Except for all of the abovementioned site also helps to find perfect matches based on profile information, extended search functions, ability to save the parameters used during effective search sessions, send emails with media files although there are no chatrooms and video streaming options.

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How Does SeniorSoulmates Work?

The first word, which can characterize the site’s work, is “effectively”. Although to be effective, a certain order of actions should be followed, which is sometimes obvious and sometimes not. Obviously, the first thing to do is to perform SeniorSoulmates log in and active the profile. The next step is to make the profile interesting by adding information in it and attractive by uploading pics there.

In case the profile is filled out in the right manner, the effectiveness of any tool will be higher, and the success of any aim of registering will be closer. And, as you may probably guess to apply free/paid functions to start a dialog with any member of the site. In case the member doesn’t know whom to write, it would be good to check matches or apply the extended search function.

How to Create an Account

This process may be found as easy and quick because all that is needed to become a member is to fill a simple registration form and confirm the email. The future member standardly specifies user name and age, and after submitting the form can start to edit data in the profile. Unfortunately, there is no ability to log in through an active Facebook account. However, considering that the average time spent to fill in the registration is up to 3 minutes, it’s not a big problem.

Search and Profile Quality

Previously we were talking about matching function, which is based on information from a member’s profile. In spite of the absence of any personality tests and detailed questionnaires, users used to put there maximum relevant information. Hence, it becomes easy to find anybody with the same values, worldviews, and interests. As an additional benefit, each profile has the standard mark about members’ availability: online or offline.

Profile Quality

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

Before putting any data to the site and take the decision to join a certain dating community, the mandatory step is to check security policies and be sure the site cares interests and rights of its members. Happily, SeniorSoulmate creators developed strong systems of safety protection based on:

  • special encryption codes, which doesn’t allow to steal any information;
  • and support service, which allows resolving any issues with potential scammer or fraudster.

Additionally, any profile can be reported as dangerous or as one breached the policies, so the administration of the dating platform will start the investigation. So no worries about the safe environment shouldn’t appear.

Help & Support at SeniorSoulmates.Com

So, the help and support service comes down to the service desk, which works 24 hours per day, processing different members’ requests. The type of issue, which can be communicated doesn’t limit to technical ones. Any case, which wasn’t described in the “Help” section, standard FAQs or which works inappropriately can be communicated to the special email. Additionally, any evidence of scam, fakes, or other unusual activity can be attached to the email, so the administration of the site will perform an investigation and take respective measures.

Premium Membership at SeniorSoulmates.Com

The majority of functions at SeniorSoulmates are free and don’t require any payments for that. Except for free registration, members are able to search and review profiles of other users. Among interactive tools, there are winks and flirts, which can be sent to any user to show interest and initiate the communication. Although to write and read mail, the premium membership should be bought.

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Mature people used to make decisions based on in-depth research and several weighty arguments. Sometimes just to read reviews would be enough for assurance in the site’s benefits. Thus the only wise step is to test the site’s free functions, and check did the desire to purchase the premium membership appears? If so, then the next step becomes obvious!


  • What privileges give premium membership? – Premium account allows to block annoying advertisement, put a personal profile on the top of the search, save variants with search parameters, and mail each other.
  • What are the available payment methods? – the balance can be replenished with any banking card.
  • How to communicate an issue? – any issue can be communicated in a letter with evidence attached to the specially created email address.
  • How much does the premium membership cost? – while the cheapest plan will cost $10 per month in case of purchasing an annual membership or monthly $30. There are also other periods, which allows the price to vary: as much you buy as more discount you get.
  • Is SeniorSoulmates good? – this question should be answered by each person individually. The only condition to make it truly is to be a member for a while and conclude on its effectiveness personally.
  • Is legit?– yes, it is. The site is legit, has its own rules, policies, terms, and conditions to be followed in order to stay in compliance with the legislation.
  • Is SeniorSoulmates safe? – yes, it is. The site protects personal data and cares about users’ confidentiality.
  • What measures does the site take if the fake was identified? – in the case during the investigation, it becomes clear the profile is fake it will be permanently blocked.