SilverSingles.Com Review: Why Is It So Special?

SilverSingles is included in the TOP-3 dating services, which are popular among Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. It operates for more almost 20 years and still has thousands of newcomers weekly, which is the best evidence of high-quality service.

The key difference, which makes this dating platform for mature people so popular, is a very detailed questionnaire aimed to identify the personality type, preferences, and a perfect partner for each new member. As a result, all members have extremely detailed profiles, have exhaustive information about potential partners, and can choose among matches chosen by the automatic algorithm with the highest precision level.

A site is a good option for lonely people who are divorced, widowed, or single because of other reasons. From this SilverSingles review, you may learn why people value its service, how it is possible to find love being in the late 50s, and how to use site’s features and tools with the maximum effectiveness.

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Major Benefits and Areas for Improvement of SilverSingles Service

First of all, it is necessary to explain how did this online dating site get into the Top-3 services for mature people. And the best way to do that would be to refer to the comments and reviews from the real users, both positive and negative. In this article, you can acknowledge the summary on them, particularly regarding the following benefits:

  • Users do not need to pay for the registration of new profile;
  • Users are educated people older 45 years, which have serious plans for the future and desire to find a couple online;
  • There are almost equal women to men ratio;
  • There is no need to think a lot about the way to introduce yourself because the site provides a detailed questionnaire, answers from which go to the profile fields;
  • The SilverSingles dating platform has detailed guideline for newcomers, although the service-desk team can still resolve some issues;
  • The site is very secure;
  • Some communication services are free;
  • The site’s design is simple but nice. It’s easy to use the site.

If the lack of the service is not described, the review cannot be considered as full, and the truth about SilverSingles will be distorted.

  • Sign Up is available only from the desktop version;
  • The personality test contains too many questions (over 100), so some members may become tired of answering them all.

SilverSingles.Com at a Glance

  • Number of members: is between 900 thousand and 1000 thousand;
  • Number of logins: 5000 unique daily logins;
  • The average age of members: above 50 years;
  • Free communication tools: flirting, winking;
  • Unusual and helpful features: a very detailed personality test.

What Is SilverSingles.Com?

If you are looking for reliable service with a proven reputation to find love and be safe from scammers and fraudsters, the SilverSingles is certainly the right site. The site’s design is optimized for the mature audience, has a relatively large font size and pleasant color scheme.

The famous questionnaire contains approximately 120 questions divided by groups and topics starting from member’s temperament, character, worldview, preferences in a future partner, and the ideal type of relationships seeking. Based on the test’s results, the automatic algorithm proposes the best matches, which comply with the requirements of certain members. Thus, to find love and create a strong couple together becomes easier, and chances for success increase significantly. Additionally, the site provides such standard functions as writing online letters, chatting, and flirting.

To decide is SilverSingles good platform for searching love online, let’s learn the main principles of its work!

How Does SilverSingles Work?

SilverSingle is one of the most popular online dating resource for senior people in the United States of America, what can assure us that service that this website provides to its members is high-quality. Especially if take into account that average user of this site is over 50 years old and people in such an age are very demanding on quality. One more proof of the high level of quality of the website’s service is over fifty thousand new users every single week, so the web site’s members’ chances to meet their second half rapidly increases every week.

How Does SilverSingles Work

How to Create an Account?

Most of the dating platforms have a standard registration process that includes a brief questionnaire form with up to ten simple questions. So all process usually takes less than five minutes. And it is a good thing on the one hand. But on another hand, it means that these platforms do not really care about makes every single profile on the site unique and special. Numerous similar profiles with minor differences will not help the user to find his or her perfect match fast, because he or she will need to spend much more time to know each of them better to make a decision.

Unlike the other platforms, SilverSingles requires every single member to pass the personality test before the account creation. It takes some time, but this time is not wasted. The result of this personality test helps members to find their second half faster.

How to Create an Account

Search and Profile Quality

As already mentioned above, SilverSingles cares about the uniqueness of every single profile on the site. And one more proof of these words is really comprehensive profiles’ structure. Profiles a SilverSingle include a lot of personal information about a member, which helps other users to understand if they would like to communicate with him or her or not. Moreover, there is an automatic tool that calculates the compatibility of profiles and shows the best matches based on profiles information. This tool already helps many couples to meet each other.

Safety and Anti-Scam Policies

SilverSingles’ administration team is careful with safety questions probably even more than with members’ profiles uniqueness. To assure every single user that the environment on the site is safe, the website’s administration has implemented all the necessary safety systems and protection tools. So SilverSingles’ members have no reason to worry about their safety and possibility to meet scammers or another type of fraudsters when they are passing SilverSingles log in process.

Help & Support at SilverSingles.Com

SilverSingles’ client support team helps the website’s members with all of their questions and issues. The most frequent questions are described in detail in the special FAQ section. But if the user did not get reliable help from this section, he or she can always communicate their questions to the client support team by email. SilverSingles’ client support team is full of professionals who able to provide website members with a fast solution and do it in a friendly and polite way.

Premium Membership at SilverSingles.Com

SilverSingles dating website works on a paid basis system where members need to pay for a membership to get an opportunity to use all of the site’s features. And the main feature that a member can use only after making a payment is communication with other users. Communication is the main thing why senior people create their accounts on the site, so without it, there is no sense to view other members’ profiles and send smiles, because it will not help to find someone.

Premium Membership


According to the majority SilverSingles dating site reviews, the number of active members and the number of countries, which chose to communicate via this service it becomes obvious that it is worthy of attention. Happily, it has some free functions to learn the site, check how it works and decide whether it will be the constant assistant on the way of seeking love or not.


  • What privileges give premium membership? – The list of privileges that premium membership provides is quite long and can be easily found on the site of the platform. But let’s stop on the main of them, namely an opportunity to communicate with other users. Yes, this feature is available only for premium members.
  • Is it expensive to become a premium member? – The answer to this question will depend on the people because every single person has his or her own requirements to the dating site and ready to pay for membership if the site can meet these requirements.
  • How to communicate with other users? – The site provides its members with the most popular communication channel nowadays, namely chatting. Exchanging of brief messages helps people to know each other better in a fast and convenient way. But do not forget that this service is available for premium members only.
  • Is SilverSingles a good dating platform? – The answer to this question every single person needs to find by him- or herself. Because every person has their own expectations from the site and understanding what is good and bad, but for most senior people over 50 years old, this site is good enough to use it.
  • Is legit? – Yes, SilverSingles is a totally legit online dating platform. And the website’s administration works hard to make sure that every single account on the site is legit also. So there are no reasons to worry about it.
  • Is SilverSingles safe? – Yes, the site provides its members with a totally safe environment. To make it safe website’s development team has implemented all the necessary safety systems and tools when they create the site. And know to keep it safe, these tools are updating and upgrading.
  • Does the site have client support services? – Yes, SilverSingle has a full of professionals’ client support team that not only helps users with every single question and issue they have but does it in the friendliest way. But on most of the questions, information from the FAQ section is enough.
  • Does the site have advanced search tools? – Yes, it has. Moreover, SilverSingles has a unique tool that automatically calculates members’ compatibility with each other in percent. These calculations are based on information from both members’ profiles and the results of the personality test.