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VictoriaHearts – is an international online dating platform whose main goal is to help people from different parts of the world to fall in love. We are so lucky to live in the world where it is available for two people living so far from each other to be able to speak every day, every moment, to share life moments fast and easily.

Pros and Cons


  • The extended database of girls and women;
  • Free registration;
  • Translation services.


  • No monthly subscription available;
  • Most of the services need to be covered by credits.

About Us

Online dating is now one of the most popular and successful industries. VictoriaHearts is one of the best platforms for international datings. It was created to unite people’s hearts. This website has a lot of members from a lot of countries. All the members are real living people. They came there for something big and beautiful: for calmness, warmness and love. The website is easy in use, letters and chats are for free, web camera and live meetings are available.

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Fake or Real?

There are a lot of people asking if the idea is real or not. Sure, before starting doing something, before going deep into any sphere, it is ok for everyone to have some doubts. But no one stars doing something already knowing everything about that or another sphere. So, it is ok to hesitate before the start.

Right after you sign up, you will be allowed to see all the accounts and see that these are real people with real photos and information. It can be easily proven with the fact that people can communicate with the help of a web camera. So, then, how could it be possible to entrap? When you see it with your eyes, no way you cannot trust it.

Why VictoriaHearts?

VictoriaHearts – is an international online dating platform with real people’s accounts. This allows everyone to talk to each other in real time about real things. Yes, it is virtual, but virtual communication has a lot of benefits! For example, earlier, if you wanted to find a partner somewhere abroad, you should have decided where to go first. After that, you had to meet up with a lot of problems, such as: how much time to spend in that or another country, what to do there, and am I supposed to do if I do not meet “that person”?

Comparing to online dating, it does really has more advantages than disadvantages. First, you have access to talk to each other whenever you want, no need to wait until one comes to visit another one. The second, you have the economy of your time. Third, you have a big choice. To be honest – a choice is the best thing about dating services. Choosing a possible partner in real life can be awkward because we never know if the person we want to talk to is interested or not.

In general, the beauty is that you have a real choice and an opportunity to speak to a few girls at the same time but not spending lots of your personal time.

Why Is It So Popular Among Foreign Men?

International relationships is an exciting, but tricky experience. The hardest part is to get a perfect match. In other words, it is all about the technique. Learn how to talk and listen, how to communicate, how to be interesting, and soon you can expect to get a successful relationship.

Men, they like real actions, not the talks. Probably it fits them more when they see what a girl expects for while dating so they can fast realize whether they can afford her expectations or not.



In order to become a real member, the user should sign up and create a personal account.

There are several steps for it: Signing up, creating a personal account, start searching.

The first one is signing up: just press the button “sign up”, fill the empty fields with the needed information (e-mail address, password). After that, you’ll get access to creating a personal account. So, the second step is it: fill it by general information (name, date of birth, hobbies, work, expectations…), upload your real photo…et voila, an account is completed. Now you’re ready for the third and most interesting step – the search. You are able to choose the people who are online, using the criteria you want to find a person with.

Using the website’s options, the same as the registration is not hard and complicated. So that is a great fact for those who like sites easy to use.

Users Feedbacks

The website has thousands of users, so many of them had already found their love and have built strong relationships. Below you’ll have a chance to read the feedbacks were given by users:

“Once I was surfing on the Internet and saw an advertisement with a link to a VictoriaHearts website. I was interested in what was that, so decided to sign up. I was single at that time so I thought it would be fun at least. For some time I wasn’t finding anyone I would like at that time, so I started to lose my faith in it and quit this stuff.

Suddenly, right after two days after this decision, there was a letter in my inbox. This was a girl, a pretty one. She wrote about herself and proposed to try chatting. The first time I didn’t like the manner, how she was texting. But anyway it made me an interest… Now it’s been a month since my second visit to her country. And I’m still thinking about the time we spent together. I think it could work for both of us sometime. Thank you, the creators of VictoriaHearts, for this experience” – Robin, 31 years old.

“I like the platform in general: it’s design and easiness in use. There is a big amount of accounts, so your users have a big choice during the search. Also, it is possible to search with the criteria you want to find a partner with. Some options are not free, but the payment is not obligatory for chats and letters, so it could be enough if you don’t want to pay. The same as social media, but the difference is that you know exactly all the members are single.

I haven’t found the love of my life here yet, but I’m already happy to have a place where I can talk to lots of women. It brings bright colours to my life” – Mike, 25 years old.

Prices & Plans

Sure as the very another dating website, it has some payment rates for users in order to have access to use more options for communication on the site.

The rates of payment aren’t very high, it was made for users with an understanding of their average ability to pay.

The website offers the following packages:

  • 50 credits for 19.99$
  • 125 credits for 44.99$
  • 250 credits for 69.99$
  • 750 credits for 149.99$

You may use a number of features of this website only be spending its virtual currency called “credits”. They are not real money, do not have monetary value, can only be used on this website to pay for the services. You may be required to pay a fee using real currency to obtain a license to use Credits. After purchasing credits using real-world money you will be able to spend such credits for the following offered options:

  • Send and receive correspondence;
  • Chat through instant messages;
  • Send virtual gifts;
  • Sed flowers and presents;
  • Exchange contact details;
  • View personal pictures and videos.


So, as we see, the online international datings have many advantages in the work of uniting people together. Even though not all the services on are free cost, it doesn’t mean it is a bad site. The good news is that purchasing credits, they are worth it, as the site’s team day by day works on improving the quality of its service, safety, and updates the site with real women’s profiles.